X is rolling out audio and video calling feature nobody asked for

It's finally happening: X (formerly known as Twitter) has begun rolling out yet another feature nobody asked for. Now, users will have the option to call each other via audio and video calls on the platform. This doesn't come as a total surprise, as CEO Linda Yaccarino previously confirmed that video chat would be coming to the social media site back in August. It's just the latest step in X's evolution to becoming the "everything" app overlord owner Elon Musk wants it to be.

Musk's haphazard addition of video calling is the latest demonstration of his blatant disregard for X users. Rather than enhance user experience, this invasive feature provides new avenues for harassment and toxic behaviour that jeopardize user safety. But we should hardly be surprised that considerations like privacy or consent don't register for Musk; alienating and endangering users appears central to his vision.

The rapid unchecked rollout exposes his sole motivation - indulging personal whims over community needs. Musk continues to degrade a once-vibrant platform into a personal fiefdom defined by impulsive redesigns that prioritize flashy optics over real people. Users deserve better than to be the hybrid guinea pig playthings of an erratic, petulant billionaire.

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