What are the conservatives going to do - talk to each other?

The fundamental truth at the heart of right-wing communities: the satisfaction derived from sharing their viewpoints and beliefs is intrinsically linked to the presence of a progressive adversary who will respond to them. It's not the platform that matters, nor the freedom it offers. It's an opposition to berate and belittle.

Following X's decline under Elon Musk's leadership, Meta's Threads platform has risen as a formidable rival. Millions of users, discontented with Musk's mismanagement, petulance and growing anti-Semitism and transphobia, have gravitated towards Threads in search of a more stable, sane and respectful social media environment.

This has created a void on X. Without left-leaning users to attack, right-wing trolls are flocking to Threads in attempt to transform it into a new hotspot for ideological confrontations.

Right-wing trolls have long advocated for platforms where their voices could be heard without moderation, where their ideas could proliferate unchallenged. But when presented with platforms like Truth Social, Parlor and Musk’s X, intent on allowing their unfiltered free speech, their engagement is lukewarm. This is the paradox: the right-wing's fixation was never on finding a haven for free speech. Instead, their relentless pursuit has always been about the ability to challenge, provoke, and, most importantly, abuse progressives.

The shift to Threads is not a search for a new home for their ideology. It's a desperate move to continue their antagonistic crusade. In the absence of progressive voices on X, right-wing trolls find themselves devoid of their primary target. Their migration to Threads is an attempt to reclaim the dynamics of conflict and provocation that define their entire online existence.

Right-wing culture is defined by its opposition, by its hatred more than its beliefs. What happens when conservative users are left to bicker and talk among themselves? Will they develop a community that goes beyond antagonism, or will the conversation stagnate without their traditional ideological opponents? Based on the state of content and conversation on X, without the presence of progressives to counter, the dynamics of right-wing discourse inevitably collapse.

The critical element of modern conservative culture is a dedication to the pursuit of conflict and confrontation, particularly with progressive adversaries, rather than a genuine search for unmoderated discourse or a platform that aligns with their ideological leanings. Threads is in danger of becoming a central stage for conservatives' diminutive and self-indulgent culture wars. How the platform chooses to respond to them will shape its culture and place in the world.

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