There’s too much noise in the system.

The volume is deafening these days. Opinions screech out of our screens, each personality trying to outshout the other. Viral social media voices dominate, stifling anything with subtlety.

But volume doesn’t mean value.

And when everyone has to shout to be heard, fewer people will speak up.

We have confused loudness for leadership. We assume those trending with the most outrageous opinions must hold authority. We let the screaming 3% on the fringes drown out the quiet wisdom of those creating more than inciting.

And so the noise hijacks our system. We become hostages to the hysteria of the hyper-vocal. Unable to decipher signal from noise, we halt in perpetual hazard lights rather than moving forward with purpose.

We can change the frequency. Amplify the signals that carry insight not just inflammatory rhetoric. Tune our dials to substance over screaming. And turn our attention away from the accounts that thrive by keeping us in the dark instead of shedding any light.

Outside the fray, there are still signals worth picking up. They may not be as catchy. They might not have viral potential. And they may take more than 0.1 seconds of our attention. But if given a chance, their frequency can carry us further, by offering solid answers instead of deliberately, callow and provocative questions.

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