The subscription economy sucks.

And then there’s the unfortunate reality that when the economy is tanking, rents are going up, housing is unattainable, food is an arm and a leg, and it’s too expensive to put petrol in the car, more than a few users are going to look at the laundry list of adorably vowel-averse SaaS startups they keep throwing their money at and ask whether they actually need them. There’s a perfectly good email app that comes pre-installed on their phones. The same goes for the To-Do list and Notes apps. At some point, the subscription creep stops making sense.

On the Substack. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately; I went through every SaaS tool and subscription product I currently pay for and was horrified at my costs. More than a few users will be looking to cut down on their bills by reducing the services they use on a pay-per-month basis. My bet: users will settle on one Office suite (Apple, Docs or 365), one fitness app and one video streaming app. That will be the basic ballpark.

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