The everything app has to work for everyone.

Building an "Everything" app — encompassing payments, commerce, messaging, etc — hinges critically on universal appeal and acceptance.

The concept is predicated on inclusivity, which means the app must cater to a diverse user base with varying beliefs, backgrounds, and preferences. If the app alienates any segment due to political biases or ideological stances, it will hinder any potential for widespread adoption. A successful Everything app must transcend social, political, and ideological boundaries to be embraced by entire communities, families, and networks, regardless of their internal differences. And despite Musk’s protestations of libertarian neutrality, the platform has become the home of right-wing (increasingly extreme) ideas.

Universality is the hallmark of platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, which have thrived by positioning themselves as neutral tools rather than ideologically charged spaces. These platforms prioritise functionality and user experience over content. And it has allowed them to become embedded in users' daily lives across the globe.

If Musk chooses not to adhere to a neutral, apolitical approach, if he continues to build an app that welcomes white supremacy and violent content, the app he envisions will struggle to become a ubiquitous tool for "Everyone." He will inevitably restrict the app's user base to only those who share his views, stunting its growth and functionality as a true "Everything" app.


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