Samsung Galaxy S24 Unpacked Event Set for Jan. 17

The company says it will show off "the newest additions to the Galaxy mobile device portfolio." In its teaser video, the company goes a step further and explicitly states that "Galaxy AI is coming," so get ready for some form of on-device, Samsung-developed artificial intelligence.

The tech industry's obsession with integrating AI into every possible device - including, apparently, the upcoming Galaxy S24 - appears more like a frantic race to capitalize on a popular buzzword rather than a pursuit of meaningful innovation.

Samsung has previously unveiled a new generative AI suite, Samsung Gauss, which is expected to be the engine driving “Galaxy AI”. Named after mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss, this suite is divided into three parts: Samsung Gauss Language, Samsung Gauss Code, and Samsung Gauss Image.

Gauss Language focuses on tasks like drafting emails, summarizing documents, translations, and enabling smarter device control. Gauss Code includes a coding assistant, offering features such as code explanation and test case generation. Gauss Image is designed for generating creative images, making style edits, and converting low-resolution images to high-resolution. None of this is revolutionary; similar concepts have been rolling out on platforms from Canva to Github and are already available on phones like last year’s Pixel 8 Pro.

While on-device AI calculations, advanced AI-driven photography, and live translation sounds impressive, I can’t help but wonder if they will genuinely enhance user experience in the long term or simply serve as flashy, superficial selling points. Are these LLM-driven features revolutionary or incremental updates masquerading as groundbreaking advancements?

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