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Introducing "Unfunded" - the bootstrapped podcast

Folks, this is something I’ve been working on for the last six months.

I'm excited to introduce my new podcast, "Unfunded" - stories and ideas born out of frustration with the VC-dominated startup narrative.

For too long, we've been fed the idea that venture capital is the only path to startup success. But what about the founders building incredible businesses without giving away equity or control? The founders the VCs forget?

Our first two episodes are now live, featuring founders who've rejected the VC playbook:

  • Find out how Sheree ditched corporate law to create a women-focused co-working space

  • Insights on navigating the challenges of bootstrapping and pivoting without VC interference

  • How Lucy said "no" to VC funding and escaped the hamster wheel

  • Building a sustainable business instead of chasing vanity metrics for investors

"Unfunded" is all about celebrating the DIY ethos in the startup world. I’d be thrilled if you’d join me as I talk to founders who've had the courage to say "no" to VCs and "yes" to building on their own terms.

Listen here and join in!



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