Inside Apple’s big plan to bring Generative AI to all its Devices

Apple’s software engineering teams are also looking at integrating generative AI into development tools like Xcode, a move that could help app developers write new applications more quickly. That would bring it in line with services like Microsoft’s GitHub Copilot, which offers auto-complete suggestions to developers while they write code. And Cue’s organization is pushing to add AI to as many apps as possible. The group is exploring new features for Apple Music, including auto-generated playlists (this is something Spotify rolled out earlier this year in partnership with OpenAI), as well as the company’s productivity apps.

Apple is never first-to-market. Apple Watch, Vision Pro, etc.

But they are rarely caught by surprise.

Their AI blindspot is clearly a huge concern to exec. leadership - and so it should be.

My hope is that they don’t cut corners and betray core principles in their rush to catch up…

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