God is a crypto bro.


A Colorado-based online pastor who has been charged with fraud for selling a “worthless” cryptocurrency says he only did it because “the Lord” told him to give his followers a “10X.”

In a strange 9-minute video — posted to INDXcoin’s official website — INDXcoin founder and pastor Eli Regalado told users of the INDXcoin community that the charges being leveled against him and his partner were true.

“The charges are that Kaitlin and I pocketed $1.3 million dollars, and I just want to come out and say those charges are true.”

On Jan. 18, Eligio Regalado and his partner Kaitlin Regalado were charged with fraud for their role in issuing and marketing a sham token called “INDXcoin” to their followers, according to a statement from the Colorado Securities Commission.

780,000 words in the Bible and there are still no words for this.

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