Elon Musk is abandoning EVs

Elon Musk just fired the entire Tesla Supercharger team.


It's not about cutting costs or streamlining operations. It's a signal.

A signal that Tesla is pivoting away from being an electric vehicle company.

Think about it. Musk has spent the past year courting conservatives and right-wing figures. The very demographics who tend to be skeptical of, if not downright hostile to, EVs and the green energy transition.

Firing the Supercharger team sends a clear message - Tesla's future is no longer selling cars to eco-conscious liberals.

At the same time, Musk has been heavily hyping Tesla as an AI company. Autonomous driving, robot workers, Optimus. Futuristic visions (with zero proof of ability) that are designed to capture the imagination of retail investors.

This pivot to AI allows Musk to pump Tesla's stock price, even as its core business - building and selling great electric vehicles - takes a back seat. It's not a magician's misdirection. It's a grifter's con.

But the EV revolution is bigger than one man's ego. It has to be. There are principles at stake - fighting climate change, accelerating sustainable energy, transforming transportation.

But Musk seems willing to turn his back on those principles, and on the customers who believed in Tesla's mission, in service of his new political identity.

The firing of the Supercharger team is just the latest sign that for Musk and Tesla, the electric dream is fading. Buckle up for a bumpy ride.

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