Curiosity is a choice.

Genuine curiosity is rare.

While everyone else is shouting their opinions - and shouting down each other’s - curiosity is the willingness to be quiet, to be still, to do nothing and to learn.

Social media, in its current form, isn't designed for curiosity. It's designed for engagement, which quite often means reinforcing what we already believe.

True growth happens when we step outside our comfort zones. When we look for ideas that challenge us. When we're willing to be wrong.

Curiosity is a choice. It's a choice to listen more than we speak. To crave understanding more than victory. To get OK with the discomfort of not having all the answers.

It's not easy, but it's a razor sharp competitive edge.

How do you cultivate curiosity?

Start small. Ask more questions. Seek out opinions and perspectives that make you uneasy. Embrace the blank slate of a beginner.

The rewards are worth it. A curious mind is a resilient mind.

And in an uncertain age, when so many others cling to the safe and the known out of a desperate need for stability - resilience is a valuable asset.

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