Content or creation?

It's easy to blur the lines between creativity and content.

We scroll through our feeds, double-tapping images and reposting into the void.

But is this creating, or are we simply piggy-backing on the work of others?

Let's be clear: there's nothing inherently wrong with sharing and appreciating the creations of others.

It's a fundamental part of how ideas spread and gain traction. When we share a powerful piece of art, a thought-provoking article, or a beautifully designed product, we acknowledge the effort and skill that went into its creation.

We're saying, "This is worth your attention."

But there's a difference between sharing and creating.

When we snap a photo of a painting at a museum or a mural on the street, we're not creating anything new. We're documenting someone else's creation. While there's value in this kind of content curation, it's not the same as bringing something new into the world.

True creation requires effort, vulnerability, and originality. It means starting with a blank canvas (literal or metaphorical) and making something that didn't exist before. It means putting a piece of yourself out there, whether it's your ideas, skills, or perspective. It's risky because there's always the chance that others won't like or understand what you've created.

Attention is currency - and it's tempting to take the easy route of curating rather than creating.

But if we all did that, there would be nothing new to curate. The world needs creators - people willing to take risks, work hard, and share their way of seeing the world with others.

The next time you're tempted to snap a photo of someone else's creation and call it a day, ask yourself: what can I create today? What perspective, skill, or idea can I contribute to the world?

You might be surprised at what you're capable of when you push yourself to create rather than curate.

Remember: the world doesn't need more “content.” It needs more creativity.

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