Another 3 men raise another few million

From Relevance AI (emphasis mine)

We're thrilled to announce our USD$10M raise by leading investors from around the world including King River Capital, Peak XV Partners, Insight Partners and Galileo Ventures supporting Relevance’s mission to enable any business to build an AI Workforce.

Success should be driven by the quality of a company's ideas, not its size.

Ah yes, the quality of a company’s ideas - which, in this case, have come from yet another team of all-male founders building yet another AI company. It’s the familiar refrain of Silicon Valley, where diversity is more mythical than the unicorns we all fetishise. It's a strange paradox. An industry prides itself on innovation and forward-thinking but is somehow stuck in a loop. It's like watching a rerun of an old sitcom - comforting in its predictability yet utterly disappointing in its lack of progress, character development, or meaningful change.

In the tech world, there's still a pervasive belief, a kind of unwritten gospel, that good ideas are a meritocracy's darlings, immune to the biases of their creators. But let's not kid ourselves. Tech is an exclusive club; its doors open more widely for some than others.

The irony is that AI, the brainchild of this industry, is fundamentally about learning from diverse data sets. It thrives on variety and the richness of different perspectives and experiences. But the teams building these AI juggernauts often lack that diversity. This isn't just a theoretical musing. Studies have shown that diverse teams are more creative, more innovative, and, yes, more profitable. So, why does the tech industry, with all its smarts and resources, keep falling into the same homogeneity trap?

Maybe it's time to rethink what a successful startup founder looks like. Maybe it's time to acknowledge that good ideas don't just spring from the minds of dudes. Maybe, just maybe, it's time to start investing in a broader spectrum of humanity.

Because the AI we're building is supposed to serve all of us with our myriad needs, quirks, and viewpoints. To do that effectively, the teams behind these technologies must reflect the world they're trying to model. Otherwise, we risk creating a future that understands only a fraction of the human experience, and frankly, that's a rather too fucking dull a future to contemplate.

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