AI hardware is kind of cool.

PC Mag: The r1 AI Pocket Companion Will Take You Down the Rabbit Hole

LAM works "by first understanding complex human intentions, then spinning up on human-oriented interfaces across all mobile and desktop environments on a customized cloud platform, and finally interacting with apps within the platform to achieve certain objectives without the need for complex, custom integrations like Application Programming Interfaces," explains Rabbit. The end result is a model that negates the need for you to download and use apps on the device itself and instead allows you to interact with apps' capabilities in the cloud.

The r1 Pocket Companion is the latest “AI” gadget out of the gate. With a striking design that will inevitably draw comparisons to the PlayDate handheld console, it offers an interesting utility approach without relying on on-device apps. It’s a concept we can expect to see more and more, especially once the Humane Pin drops.

I’m on record as saying I am wildly sceptical of the LLM bubble and the real-world use cases of the tech. It’s not that I think it’s worthless - it’s more that I believe the stated potential is an entire universe away from its implementations. But I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited by the new AI hardware/toys that have been dropping over the past year.

I think it’s fair to say that the personal hardware space has become homogenised, and anything breaking that pattern is enough to make me pay attention. Some intriguing products are being announced, from the LLM integration with the Rayban x Meta smart glasses to the Plaude “ChatGPT Empowered AI Voice Recorder“.

The caveat: as the saying goes, hardware is hard. Whether these products make it into end users' hands is not guaranteed. And if they do, their functionality could bear little resemblance to the hyped-up product keynotes we’re currently graced with.

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