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Meet Joan Westenberg

As a seasoned communications and public relations professional with both an in-house and agency background, I bring 10 years of hands-on experience working with tech companies.

Some of my career highlights include working as the Director of Communications at the high-growth startup Flare, working across messaging, comms and storytelling that helped to raise a $21m series B and establish market fit/growth with leading retail and hospitality brands, and the Head of Communications for Fishburners, Australia's largest startup non-profit, as they refreshed their brand and expanded, and as the

In 2016, I won the platinum Hermes Advertising Awards trophy for a digital comms & content campaign, in 2018, I was named 5th in the SmartCompany list of the top 20 business thinkers in Australia, and in 2019 I was named on the Startup Smart 30 under 30.

In addition to my work in comms, I am a prolific writer, having grown the #1 Medium blog in the Asia Pacific region and written columns and pieces for Wired, the ABC, SBS, Junkee, Crikey, The Saturday Paper, TIME, Entrepreneur, Inc.com, Business Insider, Upworthy, The New York Observer, The SF Chronicle, ReadThink & over 40 other publications.

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My Work

Some of my career highlights include working as the head of content, communications and PR for a variety of technology companies, startups and agencies. I have helmed content, storytelling and campaigns across written publications, video, podcasts and mainstream media and tech press features.

I have worked on content and communications for MoneyMe, Yabonza, Smarter City Solutions, The Working Party, Broadband Solutions, Optus, Hubspot, Scimita Ventures, Willed, The Story Boxes and more.

My side hustle is a digital studio called Self, where I work with brands to develop and present who they truly are to their audience.

Oh, and I have Assistant Director credits on some death metal music videos and production credits on a multi-platinum hip hop record. No biggie.

My Writing

As a freelance writer, I have a long list of credits. I am a columnist for Wired, The Australian Financial Review and over 40+ additional publications. I have a strong relationship with editors both globally and domestically, with a deep connection to the media and comms industry throughout Australia.

You can find my most prolific work on my blog, Pizza Party, where I cover creativity, writing, technology, gaming and more.
I started Pizza Party as a way to keep my writing current, keep it honest, and keep it growing as much as I can. Pizza Party updates most weekdays. 🍕

An Open Source Transgender Inclusion Policy

For many transgender and non-binary people, the workplace is one of the biggest obstacles to their transition. Finding the support in their professional sphere to embrace their true and authentic selves can be life changing. Technology companies and startups today are an amazing home for trans people - because their forward thinking approach to changing the world makes them a welcoming place for people who are not always accepted elsewhere. This is why I have created an open source transgender inclusion policy for Aussie startups, to encourage founders, VCs and employees to make trans inclusion scalable.

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